Big Data monitoring is the future


As a company driven by Intelligent Converting and IT integration, Werosys is of course in the forefront of this development. Our machines are not only Industry 4.0 ready, we are already up and running with a cloud-based solution where we can monitor all Werosys machines installed throughout the World. We can collect data about machine performance, efficiency of different job types, waste levels, temperature profiles, etc. – and feed this back to our customers as digested data that shows trend curves of machine/operator performance, production hours to next scheduled service based on real time wear data, remaining life time on UV Lamps, improvements recommendations, etc..

This Labels & Labeling article outlines Werosys & LabelSupply’s view on future converting, which demands stronger focus on automation and Industry 4.0. With automated workflow solutions you will get numerous production advantages, such as quicker job changeovers, less material waste, and remote support and service.

Come by our stand 9C24 at LabelExpo to see a live demo of our Cloud-based Industry 4.0 solution.