Werosys expands and moves to larger facilities


Thanks to a significantly growing demand and a number of large orders for both the Werosys Compact and Concept lines, we are now moving to a new 1,700 square metre facility. The new location is situated in Farum, is easily reachable from Copenhagen Airport and less than 5 minutes from the motorway.
In our new production facilities we will continue the innovative development and further streamline manufacturing of our converting lines and expect our annual production capacity to exceed 50 converting lines over the coming years.

We are sharing the new premises with PPS A/S.

Our new address is:
Werosys ApS
Ryttermarken 8
DK-3520 Farum

All other contact details remain the same.

Video of Werosys Compact

Werosys Compact is a modular converting line in a compact and flexible design. It is designed with the highest grade components available in the market today, allowing speeds of 65 m/min semi-rotary and 200 m/min full-rotary.

Werosys Compact can be continuously re-configured to fit individual needs – both now and the future. Multiple jobs can be printed on the same roll, only separated by a barcode that holds all relevant job data. The result is fast change-over time, high through-put and reduced waste.

Currently we offer these additional modules: Digital Print Module, Flexo Print-Varnish Module, Turret Rewind Module, Laser Die Cut Module.

For more details visit the Werosys Compact page.

Werosys introduces the Werosys Compact Digital Print Module


Werosys introduces a digital print module, to be fully integrated in the Werosys Compact converting line.

The Werosys Compact Digital Print Module offers high speed and high quality printing and converting in one job operation, as well as fast job changes. All web handling is controlled from the central PLC/HMI in the converting line, resulting in superior print quality and web handling.

Compared to add-on printing solutions, a fully integrated solution eliminates issues with missing labels or poor print quality during print engine cleaning cycles caused by inability to re-register the print. Complete synchronization between printing, semi-rotary die cut and slitting optimizes end product quality and removes problems during forward and backward motion – as well as acceleration and de-acceleration of the web.

Werosys Digital Print Module is able to run both cost efficient water-based ink print engines, e.g. TrojanThree; and high speed UV based ink print engines, e.g. HAPA print engine based on Konica Minolta technology.

The digital print module can be installed on existing Werosys lines in the field, or combined with any of the Werosys Compact modules, now or in the future, to fit our customers’ changing needs. The Werosys Compact modules now include:

  • Unwind module: servo-driven, Ø680 mm rolls, build in web-guide, splice table and optional lamination station.
  • Digital print module: supplied with different digital print technology to provide an easy upgrade path and future-proof investment of digital label production line.
  • Flexo print-varnish module: dual servo-driven flexo print-varnish station with full digital control, optional semi-rotary flexo print, optional dual servo cold-foil, GEW/IST UV curing.
  • Semi and full rotary die cut module: up to 65 m/min semi rotary – 200 m/min full rotary, with high speed no-contact waste stripping.
  • Laser die cut module: enabling fast and format-free job changes using barcode integration, powerful low noise smoke extraction, high cutting quality with small spot size.
  • Rewind module: with slitting and dual servo rewind spindles.
  • Turret module: fully integrated in your Werosys converting line.

Render of Werosys Compact digital converting line


New Product introductions at LabelExpo 2015


Following up on the successful launch of the Werosys fully modular Concept product line at last year’s LabelExpo, Werosys now launches several new innovations for the pre printed label industry, whether this is digital or conventional printed.

Werosys launches a 500 mm wide laser die cut system, that is fully integrated on the converting line and online with any MIS/ERP system. This means that any number of label jobs can be run continuously on the same roll, only separated by a barcode printed by the digital press (the system adjust on the fly without stopping the line).

Werosys will also launch a completely new automatic slitting system, operating with individually operated knifes, meaning that job changes can be performed in few seconds on the fly without stopping the line. Werosys automatic turret knows when a new job arrives and automatically cuts the web and changes the rolls automatically without stopping the line.

The close integration between all modules means that the line will take care of separating the jobs and perform all adjustments via superior integration to existing IT architecture. The line doubles as a 350 m/min slitter/rewinder (faster as option).

For more information about Werosys Concept, click here.



Werosys launches a completely new converting platform, named Werosys Compact. The new product line will inherit many of the advanced and fully integrated software features of the more advanced Werosys Concept series, and is designed on a modular platform, that enables future addition of new modules to future-proof the investment. It is a completely stainless design, fully servo driven and will run up to 200 m/min in slitter/rewinder mode. The full feature package will be revealed during LabelExpo, which will also be the first public display of the machine. Despite the compact footprint, the specifications are top of the line, yet the price will be entry level.



Read more about Werosys Compact here.

Werosys releases preview add for Werosys Compact launch

Werosys publishes the first previews of the new Werosys Compact line to be launched during LabelExpo 2015 in Brussels. The specifications of the system is not yet revealed but are top of the line, while maintaining entry level pricing.



For more information about the Werosys Compact, click here.

Werosys delivers a unique slitter-rewinder to Flexiket in Denmark

The solution from Werosys was chosen due to superior web handling control, leading to it’s ability to handle very delicate films at speeds of 250 m/min. The system also incorporates the fastest automatic slitting system in the label converting market today – the systems accurately sets eight knifes in approximately 20 seconds. The system features Werosys fully automated turret module. The system is uniquely integrated to Flexiket’s IT structure where each printed roll is equipped with a barcode that is automatically read by the system – and the information is used to extract job specific data from the existing IT system and use this to automatically set the knife system without any operator involvement. The system has the ability to handle several different jobs printed on the same roll, and automatically separate them on the converting line, using the full integration of the automatic turret.


Werosys delivers new converting line to Dittokan

Werosys delivers the first converting line in the new Concept series to Dittokan in Denmark. The line runs inline with a 500 mm wide Xeikon, and includes the an unwinder feeding the Xeikon and an inline Flexo station.

Werosys 01a - fritlagt


Read more about the Werosys Concept.

Werosys makes LabelExpo debut at Label Expo 2014, Chicago


Werosys makes LabelExpo debut in Chicago by launching the Werosys Concept product line – a completely modular converting line based on the “X-frame” philosophy.

Please see below the Labels & Labeling interview with Bjarke Nielsen from LabelExpo, 2014 in Chicago.



Werosys prepares for growth by welcoming new investor

Werosys expands the shareholder base by welcoming PPS as a co-investor in the company. Besides strengthening the financial robustness of the company to prepare further global expansion of the company, this also results in a broad access to the technical and commercial competencies in PPS– in total adding 15 more people to the Werosys organization. To strengthen the Werosys organization, Gregers Cotzand resumes the position as CEO of Werosys, and Søren Pedersen takes up the position as Chief Commercial Officer and Chairman of the Board.

Werosys delivers full Werosys Concept line for solar panel production

In collaboration with FOM Technologies, Werosys delivers the first solar panel production line for research purposes in Sweden.

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