REFINE Compact 2 & Web Buffer Installed at SCREEN Europe HQ in the Netherlands


July 2020: SCREEN Europe has acquired a REFINE Compact 2 and a Web Buffer Module for their Solutions and Technology Centre at European headquarters in Amstelveen, Netherlands.

The Compact 2 will provide high-quality finishing – varnish, lamination, and die-cutting – both inline and offline in connection with SCREEN’s Truepress Jet L350 Series Press, displaying a real-life production environment with end-to-end label production to visitors and prospective customers.

Sales Director Packaging Solutions Carlo Sammarco says: “The new in-line finishing kit from Refine will enable us to showcase the whole setup in a live label-production for our demo activities. It also gives us capabilities for testing special applications within coatings, foiling, and lamination which we haven’t had before. We are really looking forward to getting started, working with the Refine unit!”

Superior Price-to-Performance Ratio
Compact 2 is a complete solution for finishing of digital and conventional printed labels, with the addition of a fully register controlled flexo station with cold foil and lamination capabilities. Completely servo-driven, Compact 2 is extremely user-friendly and offers a superior price-to-performance ratio.
The Compact 2 installed at SCREEN Europe HQ features a touch-screen operator panel, unwinder including web guide, flexo printing unit, full- and semi rotative die-cutting, waste rewind, oscillating razor slitter, and rewinder. Furthermore, it has been fitted with the optional Automatic Back Scoring that enables edge-trimming with no manual intervention.

Trouble-Free Production
The Web Buffer Module allows SCREEN to connect the Compact 2 to any web-based digital printing press, thus upgrading their stand-alone solutions with an in-line automated finishing line. The Buffer module features a precise web-guiding system, a servo-driven buffer section, and an integrated splicing table, all to ensure stable operating conditions, short setup times, and trouble-free production.

SCREEN Europe Solutions and Technology Centre
SCREEN Europe is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd and is responsible for EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) business. At the Solutions & Technology Centre in Amstelveen, Netherlands, SCREEN Truepress Jet POD inkjet printers are available for demonstrations to potential users, and for test print sessions to evaluate quality, performance, and integration possibilities. Working with the customers’ own job files and media, SCREEN’s specialist applications team demonstrates the Screen inkjet presses and workflow, exploring the optimum paper and ink coverage settings to achieve the best solution for the customer’s application. The print sessions are, as they say, “as interactive and in-depth as you wish”.