Global launch of Werosys Compact Digital Print Module at LabelExpo 2016

Based on high demand for the Werosys Compact we are continuously developing new modules to be integrated into the Compact line. At LabelExpo Chicago we are launching the Werosys Compact Digital Print Module. It is able to run both cost efficient print engines, e.g. TrojanThree; and high speed UV based ink print engines from a number of suppliers.

The Werosys Print Module is the most affordable fully integrated digital printing solution on the market. It can be retrofitted on any already installed Werosys Compact in the field, or combined with any of the Werosys Compact modules, now or in the future. This offers a complete digital label production system at an affordable price, while still providing a system that can grow with future demand. Later on it can be retrofitted with a high speed UV based inkjet system, operate as a stand-alone digital converting line, or run inline with any digital press from HP, Xeikon, Domino, etc.

The Werosys Compact Digital Print Module offers high speed and high quality printing and converting in one convenient job operation, as well as fast job changes. All web handling is controlled from the central PLC/HMI in the converting line, resulting in operator-friendly superior print quality and web handling.

Compared to add-on printing solutions, a fully integrated solution eliminates issues with missing labels or poor print quality during print engine cleaning cycles caused by inability to re-register the print. Complete synchronization between printing, semi-rotary die cut and slitting optimizes end product quality and removes problems during forward and backward motion – as well as acceleration and de-acceleration of the web.

Meet us at LabelExpo Americas 2016 in booth 6460.

The Werosys Compact modules now include:

  • Unwind Module: servo-driven with build in web-guide, rolls up to Ø680 mm, splice table and optional lamination station.
  • Jumbo Unwind: servo-driven with build in web-guide, rolls up to Ø1000 mm, splice table and optional web cleaner, corona treatment.
  • Digital Print Module: high speed and high quality printing and converting in one job operation (1600 x 1600 dpi full colour print).
  • Flexo Print-Varnish Module: dual servo-driven with full digital control, optional semi-rotary flexo print, optional dual servo cold-foil, GEW/IST UV curing.
  • Laser Die Cut Module: enables fast and format-free job changes using barcode integration, powerful low noise smoke extraction, and high cutting quality with small spot size.
  • Semi & Full Rotary Die Cut Module: runs up to 65 m/min semi-rotary and 200 m/min full-rotary. Pneumatic pressure setting and digitally controlled side adjustment. Optional 2D side register control. Optional backscoring system – manual or automatic.
  • Waste Matrix: no-contact high speed waste strip system that reduces risk of matrix break.
  • Rewind Module: servo-driven rewind with wide tension range – up to Ø650 mm. Optional integrated side-trim vacuum system. An extra rewinder is offered as an option.
  • Turret Module: servo-driven with flange spindle adapters for quick spindle change. Optional laser pointers for easy core placement.