New Product introductions at LabelExpo 2015


Following up on the successful launch of the Werosys fully modular Concept product line at last year’s LabelExpo, Werosys now launches several new innovations for the pre printed label industry, whether this is digital or conventional printed.

Werosys launches a 500 mm wide laser die cut system, that is fully integrated on the converting line and online with any MIS/ERP system. This means that any number of label jobs can be run continuously on the same roll, only separated by a barcode printed by the digital press (the system adjust on the fly without stopping the line).

Werosys will also launch a completely new automatic slitting system, operating with individually operated knifes, meaning that job changes can be performed in few seconds on the fly without stopping the line. Werosys automatic turret knows when a new job arrives and automatically cuts the web and changes the rolls automatically without stopping the line.

The close integration between all modules means that the line will take care of separating the jobs and perform all adjustments via superior integration to existing IT architecture. The line doubles as a 350 m/min slitter/rewinder (faster as option).

For more information about Werosys Concept, click here.



Werosys launches a completely new converting platform, named Werosys Compact. The new product line will inherit many of the advanced and fully integrated software features of the more advanced Werosys Concept series, and is designed on a modular platform, that enables future addition of new modules to future-proof the investment. It is a completely stainless design, fully servo driven and will run up to 200 m/min in slitter/rewinder mode. The full feature package will be revealed during LabelExpo, which will also be the first public display of the machine. Despite the compact footprint, the specifications are top of the line, yet the price will be entry level.



Read more about Werosys Compact here.