REFINE Compact

The REFINE Compact Series features 2 advanced digital converting solutions – both available in 14” and 17”.

Compact 1 is the efficient die-cutting solution for finishing of digital and conventional printed labels. Designed for fast job changeovers, low waste, with a short web path, and perfect for ultra short-run productions.

Compact 2 is the advanced die-cutting and flexo solution, completed with a fully automated flexo printing station with cold foil, spot varnish, spot colours, cold/warm lamination, cast and cure, and multi-layer capabilities. A perfect all-round choice for enhancing and finishing of digital and conventional printed labels.

Ultimately, our Compact Series solutions provide reduced waste, reduced costs, quicker job changeovers, and enhanced production capacity. Simply put, that’s the clever way to convert.


The servo-driven unwinder automatically pre-tensions the web to prevent waste. Automatic web guide and stop-function when the roll is empty.

Lamination station with silencer arm for noise reduction of a wide variety of laminates. Servo-driven lamination nip for easy tension control. Prepared for production of peel and reveal labels.

Flexo station for full- and/or semi-rotary printing. Designed for quick job changes without manual operation. Servo-control and auto-positioning eye-mark reader for maximum accuracy, and fast setups.

Semi- and full-rotary die-cutting with pneumatic pressure settings and digitally controlled register adjustment. Ensures consistent pressure and eliminates the risk of overloading tools. Servo-control and auto-positioning eye-mark reader for maximum accuracy, and fast setups.

No-glue contact, high-speed waste rewind system, reducing the risk of matrix breaks. The use of non-stick coated rollers allow the Compact converting line to produce at very high speeds with fragile waste matrixes.

Auto-positioning optic sensor allowing counting of labels with automatic stop function.

Oscillating razor slitter with accurate, digitally controlled side adjustment. Oscillating razor slitting knives last up to 100 times longer than stationary knives. Optional shear cutting knives.

Advanced HMI-operator panel with full integration of existing IT infrastructure. Full data integration, e.g. ERP, MIS – supporting XML, JDF, and barcodes. Remote access via laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Recirculating system for control of ink and varnish supply.

Single or dual servo-driven rewinding shafts, fully servo -driven. Taper tension control by diameter measuring integrated as standard.