REFINE ensures high product security and performance through standards in operator training, on-site and remote support, maintenance programs, and more. We offer to consult in production setups with end-to-end production lines, and optimized user-efficiency through workflow management.

REFINE is represented by a global team of service technicians, and an international sales network, present in multiple showrooms and technology centers around the world.

24/7 Support
Our Service Team provides dedicated 24/7 support, largely based on remote software access in real-time, meaning we can support operators while the machine is running. This includes general machine assistance as well as questions and inquiries regarding specific functionalities.

We are often capable of troubleshooting and solving problems via online video conferences, with customers handling everything from minor malfunctions to larger hardware breakdowns, themselves. With this approach, our customers save valuable time receiving instant help when a problem arises.

Service Visits
If the machine requires the replacement of hardware, our sales partners and technicians will carry out On-Site Support, send spare parts directly to the customer, and plan prompt service visits.