The REFINE Team is Growing

Join us in welcoming two new team members! On the 1st of August, 2021, we welcomed Mechanical Engineer, Kim Rasmussen, and Production Planner, Peter Jørgensen, to the REFINE team.

Kim Rasmussen
Mechanical Engineer
Kim is the newest member of our development team and will work in our department in Værløse. In addition to being a trained mechanical engineer, Kim is also an industrial engineer, and a former production planner, which will serve us well in these busy times. Kim is a great team player, very committed, and shows great attention to detail.

Peter Jørgensen
Production Planner
Peter will be part of our team in Slagelse and will serve as the link between production and development, and our administration in Værløse. Peter is a trained chemical engineer but has many years of experience working with production planning and management. Peter used to work as a typographer at Danapak, and as a production manager at several other companies in the industry. Peter is an experienced and patient man with a knack for problem-solving.